Hello and thank you for stopping by voterogerfisher.com!  Please come back often to learn more about me and my vision for the city of Bedford.

My name is Roger Fisher and I am a candidate for Bedford City Council, Place 6 in the upcoming May 10th election.  When I first ran for the Bedford City Council in 2009, I came in with a clear vision for the future of the city of Bedford.  Working in conjunction with some very talented people, I felt like we accomplished many of the goals set forth by that campaign.  It was not always easy, and in fact sometimes very difficult, but by listening to you and your neighbors and applying a little bit of common sense the citizens of Bedford always prevailed.

Many years have passed since my first election in 2009 and many things have changed in the City of Bedford.  Back then we were preparing for a new highway, but now we are preparing to drive that highway.  Five years ago the city was still reeling from closing our library, but now I am proud to have played a role in constructing that glorious building.  Today our neighboring cities look to us as we are setting the standard for accountability and transparency.  I cannot take credit for these initiatives…you have elected great representatives!  I am proud to have simply been a spoke in a very big wheel in serving you.

I come to you for another opportunity to serve on the Bedford City Council.  Although we accomplished many things, there is still more to do.  We should always promote a better, brighter Bedford.  Here are the areas that I feel we need to focus on for the next 3 years.

  • Code enforcement—It is a double edged sword, but this is the only way to maintain a quality of life community
  • Infrastructure—after the highway construction is complete we are going to have to work on our roads. Specifically East/West arterial streets.  We must also maintain an aging underground infrastructure.
  • Taxes—maintain a responsible tax rate.  I pay taxes too, and like you… I like paying less!
  • Economic Development—Attract new businesses now that construction is coming to a close and less of a deterrent.  It needs to be shouted from the rooftops that “Bedford is open for Business!
  • Cultural Development—Lend a common sense approach to the rebuilding of the Bedford Boys Ranch, the establishment of the cultural district, and the Central Bedford Development Zone.

These are important issues to the city of Bedford and there will be many more that naturally come up in the course of governing a city.   Experience matters in local elections.  I have the experience not only from running a successful small business, but I have served you before.  I hope that you will give me the opportunity to represent you again.

Thank you for stopping by voterogerfisher.com!  Please come back often to learn more about me and my vision for the city of Bedford.

Should you have any specific questions you may contact me at Roger@VoteRogerFisher.com

All the Best,
Roger Fisher

Election Day

Saturday, May 10th
7:00am to 7:00pm